The Botany of Desire--A plant's eye view of the world

The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan People that garden will enjoy the plant’s eye view of the world. We like to think that we are in control of what we grow, but what about the plant’s influence on us to cultivate it? Michael Pollan chose four plants to reveal how these botanical wonders link their destinies to our desires, and as a result have grown and multiplied along with humankind. This narrative blends history, memoir, and science to tell the story of the apple, the tulip, cannabis, and the potato with interesting insights that gardeners will appreciate. The author playfully puts us into the plant’s mind of how to perpetuate its species by manipulating our desires. Our desire for

Bleeding Heart--an PNW native with a nostalgic and modern heartbeat

Bleeding heart always evokes fond childhood memories. This plant was my playground covering the entire yard and mingling throughout the trees. Now as an adult, I still come back to this favorite enjoying the classic beauty and simplicity of this PNW native. Dicentra formosa (western or pacific bleeding heart) is the native cultivar. Easy to grow in moist soil in partial to full shade. Tuck this plant into your shady border or under trees to bring some woodland vibe into your garden. Be careful with small gardens as once it likes an area it tends to spread it wings to fill the space. Deer resistant. Attracts bees. Host for butterfly larvae. Can be propagated by seed collection or by divi

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