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Our Own Piece of Paradise

By Mary Jane Bonelitz, Lincoln City

In 2001, my wife Judy and I bought a one-third acre in north Lincoln City. Honestly we bought the lot for the old growth spruce trees and to have a  lawn where our four greyhounds could run.  Sixteen years later oyr yard has evolved into a great labor of love which consumes most of our waking hours in the summer months and most of our day dreams in the winter.


I have always defined a garden as a place where plants grow.  I realize that some traditionalist who were “raised off the land” think of a true garden as a place where food is grown.  But I’m not a veggie person.  I gave it a try with some squash, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, radishes and other delectables that graced our table.  But my love is ornamentals and container gardening.


When we purchased our property, the lot was covered with blackberries so high we had no idea that there alder and huckleberries and dogwood in there.  With the help of a landscaper, the lots were cleared, fenced and a native area was created under the spruce.  Around this area we actually have a racetrack for the greyhounds. 

We have a large patio and a deck which makes container gardening the ideal solution to gardening with hardscape and limited area for expanding beds.  I plant mostly perennials in the garden and the containers with a few annuals for those pops of color. 


A sea of sweetpeas add color and sweetness.

Our front yard is open to the street and deer.  This has been a challenge but we have learned to become “one with the deer” and what plants to purchase and deterrents to utilize.  There are two rock pathways through the front yard and a huge piece of driftwood serves as an anchor to the area.  Getting the driftwood to the house (we live about a mile from the beach) is long story so I just tell people who ask it that it was a very high tide!

Containers provide seasonal variation to the garden.

I  find the watering the containers relaxing, a wonderful time to check on the health of the plants and do the necessary deadheading. I’m blessed that Judy gets the same relaxation from weeding and deadheading.  Our gardening joys complement each other well and have made our garden into our own little oasis that we love. 


Our own little paradise!

Rubeckia creates a focal point of color in the summer garden.

Have a garden you'd like to share? Upload 5-10 photos and a brief story about your garden . Please include where you are located!

A sea of sweetpeas add color and sweetness.

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