Let's get gardening!

The Master Gardener™  program is a "knowledge-to-action" service sponsored by OSU Extension. The program trains community members in research-based gardening techniques and certifies us to work as volunteers within our communities to help backyard gardeners improve their gardening success.



Aug 7-13   Lincoln County Master Gardener™ Week

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners has proclaimed Aug 7-13 as Master Gardener Week to recognize the efforts of volunteers who provide educational outreach in sustainable gardening practices.  Thank you to all our Master Gardeners in Lincoln County for your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity.  Indeed an awesome team to be part of.

Please join us at one of the 5 demonstration gardens to celebrate the joys of gardening.

Tuesday Demo Garden tours at OCCC Lincoln City campus 9:00am-10:am and again Noon-1:00pm  Certified Wildlife Habitat and Vertical Gardening and much more

Tuesday Demo Garden tours at OCCC South Beach campus 11:30am-1:30 pm The garden will be BUZZING-Pollinator Gardening

Wednesday 11am-1pm Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Garden Harvest for Food Share, Pollinator gardening with edibles and companion planting  and intriguing Drum Circle

Friday 2-4pm Oceanview Assisted Living  Dedication of our newest Adaptive Therapeutic Garden.  Learn some new gardening techniques as we age.

Sunday 11am-2pm Yachats Demo/Community Garden-Put your Garden to Bed, Pollinator gardening and many more demos.

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We will all remember June 24, 2017 as the day that temperatures ranged from 86 to 100 degree Fahrenheit in Lincoln County and officially fried many of our beloved plants. Despite its reputation the Oregon Coast suffers drought nearly every summer.

Lack of rainfall coupled with winds makes monitoring the condition of your garden critical during the summer months.  The July tips will help you focus your time and efforts for getting through the summer.  

Water Wisely

Water deeply and infrequently for best results. Most plants need 1 inch of water per week.  

Stay on Top of Garden Pests

Don't let garden pests get the better of you.  Best time to 'search and destroy' is early morning or early evening.  

Use Compost to Condition Soil

Sometimes the only thing you need to do is add compost to your soil.  

Plant Fall Vegetables
July is a good time to start many vegetables.  Use the read more link for recommendations.

Take Time to Enjoy Your Garden

Don't forget to kick back with your favorite beverage while you are writing in your journal about successes and opportunities that you have observed.

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