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Hydrangea--The Plant of Many Colors

How-to Control the Color of Hydrangeas

January 19, 2017

The mystery of hydrangea colors has intrigued gardeners for ages. The changing nature of hydrangea color often seems magical especially when last year's fabulous royal blue blossoms turn into purplish-red the next year.  I wondered if I understand why color changes, could I actually produce the colors that I wanted. Here's what I found out. 

Soil Controls Color

First thing to know is that it is not possible to change the color of hydrangeas that are naturally white. Most of the 70-75 species of hydrangea are in this category.  To get those spectacular red, blue, and shades of pink and purple turn to the Hydrangea macrophylla, the common "mop-head" type of plant.  

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