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2023 Membership Renewal Form

Dues must be paid by January 31, 2023

Complete all sections. If you need help, contact Sharon Busby by email at or 609-457-5230.

Click here to print form and mail with dues check to the LCMGA Dues, 1211 SE Bay Blvd, Newport, OR, 97365.

1.  Enter your contact information

2. Indicate your member category

Active Member (Certified MG) is anyone has completed the 30 hour recertification requirements in the previous year.

Annual dues are $15. 

Associate Member is anyone who was unable to complete the recertification requirements, but will continue to volunteer.

Annual dues are $25.

Life Member is anyone who has been awarded a life membership by LCMGA to honor contributions to the Master Gardener program.  Annual dues are $0.

3.  Opt in or out of the LCMGA Directory

The LCMGA member directory automatically includes your name and contact information.  You may opt out of being included in the directory by checking the box below.

Click circle to opt out of the directory

4.  Upload a photo


You can add or change your directory photo

5.  Add a Personal Statement


If you would like to include additional information about yourself and/or your gardening interests, please complete the following section. 

6.  Skills and Interest Checklist

Please indicate your interest in sharing or developing  your skills and knowledge as part of your activities as a Master Gardener.  This option is voluntary.  We want to know how we can give you an opportunity to help LCMGA's future grow strong and bright.  . 

I am willing to share my skills/knowledge
I am interested in learning about

7.  Select your preferred volunteer options

Please indicate how you would like to apply your volunteer hours.   

Select all that apply
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