LCMGA announces 2019 Master Gardener of the Year

June 10, 2019

The 2019 Master Gardener of the Year is awarded to Mary Jane Bonelitz to recognize her continuous contributions to our program mission of promoting research based gardening practices.  Mary Jane has served in a number of board positions over her 20 year tenure as a Master Gardener volunteer.  She has also been active coordinating the Lincoln City demo garden, introduced the concept of a keyhole garden, and obtained Wildlife Habitat certification. She contributes to our core mission of education and public outreach by participating in our Gardening Roundtable series.  Congratulations to Mary Jane!

LCMGA announces 2019 Behind the Scenes Award

June 10, 2019

The "Behind the Scenes" Award identifies a volunteer who works quietly out of the limelight to support and improve the Lincoln County Master Gardener Program. This year's award goes to Diane Primont to recognize her numerous contributions as 2018 co-President, plant sale analysis reporting, simplifying our financial reports, and organizing our historical archives.  Diane also works on our scholarship and membership committees and still finds time to assist at one of our demonstration gardens.  Congratulations to Diane Primont!

Donna Davis awarded Life Membership

December 10, 2018

LCMGA has awarded Donna Davis with a Lifetime Membership.  Since becoming a Lincoln County Master Gardener in 2009, Donna has served in significant leadership roles within the LCMGA Executive Board.  She was Treasurer in 2011, 2012 and 2013; President in 2016 and 2017 and Past President in 2018. Donna has also been honored with a variety of awards: the President’s Award in 2013, Master Gardener of the Year in 2015 and the Leadership Award in 2017.  She has been a constant figure at almost every Master Gardener event.  Please join us in congratulating Donna Davis.

Newly Certified Master Gardeners

November 08, 2018

A Graduation ceremony was held to recognize LCMGA's new crop of Master Gardeners.   After 10 weeks of intensive classroom training and 60 plus hours of volunteering in demonstration gardens, plant sale, and plant clinic, we welcome a great group of 14 newly certified Master Gardeners.  Congratulations to all!

LCMGA announces 2018 Behind the Scenes Award

June 11, 2018

Sharon Busby has been selected for this year's Behind the Scenes Award.  This award recognizes a Master Gardener who contributes ‘behind the scenes’ to make a great difference in the LCMGA.  Sharon Busby has led various roundtable and educational seminars as part of our public outreach mission and has served as Treasurer for two years on the LCMGA Board. She has helped plan, implement and lead the tomato section at our annual Spring Garden Sale. She is a super educator, hard worker, and a mentor. She is not one that takes the spotlight – in fact she would rather redirect it to others.  Congratulations, Sharon.

LCMGA announces 2018 Master Gardener of the Year

June 11, 2018

Jeff Olsen is named 2018 Master Gardener of the Year!  Jeff has served both in local and state leadership roles, chairs the LCMGA fundraising activities at the Seafood and Wine Festival, and drove the planning, implementation and maintenance of the raised bed and irrigation systems at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse garden.  Congratulations, Jeff.

Master Gardeners Tour Adelman Peony Farm

June 04, 2018

Gardening can be educational and rewarding, just ask the Lincoln County Master Gardeners who were introduced to the ins and outs of peonies by Carol Adelman master peony grower.  Adelman's has 25 acres of luscious peony plants with over 500 different varieties.  They are remarkably easy to grow if a few general rules are followed.  

Pictured:  Lynne Holland, Ann Geyer, Carol Adelman, Cathy Fitzhugh, Elda-Lee Carnes, Carita Edson, Alanna Miklic

Get information about Carol's new book on Peonies

Sam Case School Kids Harvest Crops at Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

October 20, 2017

Lincoln City Demo Garden Becomes Certified Wildlife Sanctuary

August 01, 2017

Are you interested in helping small wildlife peacefully co-exist with people in your neighbor and community? Stop by the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden in Lincoln City to learn about plants and gardening techniques to support native wildlife.

Learn more about Certified Wildlife Habitat gardens

Beach Bike Wins First Place

July 14, 2017

Lincoln County Master Gardeners, led by our own Heather Fortner, achieve top honors with the Beach Bike entry into the bike decorating contest at the International Master Gardener Conference.  Kudos go to Donna Davis, Sharon Busby, and Ann Geyer who shaped and molded yards of kelp into an inspired modern art piece. 

Michael Christy and Liz Olsen Accept "Search for Excellence" Award for Yaquina Lighthouse and School Garden

July 13, 2017

Michael Christy,  Lead Coordinator for Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Garden project and Liz Olsen, OSU Lincoln County Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator accept the International Search for Excellence Award 3rd place in the Youth Garden category  at the International Master Gardener’s Conference held in Portland July 9th-14th.  What a honor for Lincoln County Master Gardeners.

LCMGA Announces 2017 Master Gardener of the Year Awards

June 29, 2017

Every year Lincoln County Master Gardener Association recognizes two volunteers who have gone above and beyond in supporting the mission and goals of the organization.  

2017 Master Gardener of the Year

Michael Christy is the coordinator of the award winning Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and School Garden program. He works tirelessly with children, parents, teachers, and administrators to help kids develop an appreciation for the joys and benefits of gardening. He introduced straw bale gardening techniques, designed brochures, staffed educational booths, and mentored apprentices.

Behind the Scenes 2017 Master Gardener of the Year

Ann Geyer co-chairs the native plant section for the Annual Plant Sale, created a tea herb garden, helped out at the Oceanview adaptive garden, is a member of the LCMGA Board representing Lincoln County at the State Master Gardener organization, and in her 'spare time' developed the new LCMGA website.

Master Gardeners Prepare for International Conference

July 20, 2017

The IMGC gathers together Master Gardeners with their State and County coordinators from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and South Korea to expand knowledge and celebrate successes.

Lincoln County Master Gardeners, lead by well-known nature printing artist Heather Fortner, are creating a unique hand printed welcome card for the conference attendees.  

Several workshops are scheduled to let all LCMGA members participate.  See schedule.

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LCMGA Receives "Excellence" Award

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and School Garden, one of the 5 demonstration gardens staffed by Lincoln County Master Gardener program volunteers, was honored to receive international recognition for its innovative school garden program.  

+ Read more

From left:  Donna Davis, Heather Fortner, Mary Cutting, Julie Cook, and Judy Pinkus

Scholarship Committee Hard at Work

The LCMGA scholarship committee has been working diligently this year to find the best scholarship candidate. The scholarship was created to encourage youth to recognize the importance of effective horticultural and environmental practice. This years's applicants demonstrate the excellent caliber which exists in students of Lincoln County. This is the second year the scholarship has been awarded. Although making the choice is always difficult, it is heartening to see how many students believe that the mission of LCMGA is something that they value and plan to continue in their adult lives.  The scholarship will be awarded in June.

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