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MG Training Materials

2020 Master Gardener Training Class  

Class handouts

    1-23-2020  Orientation  


    1-23-2018  Basic Botany  



    1-30-2020  Soils 

Soil Chemistry

Soil Texture and Water Physics

Selected Readings on Soils


    1-30-2020  Composting

Advanced Composting for Beginners


    2-05-2020  Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardens Slide show

Best Vegetable Groups for the Coastal Climate

Timing of Starts for plant sale


    2-05-2020  Understanding Pesticides

 Least Toxic Pesticides

    2-13-2020  Entomology

 Basic Entomology Presentation

 Basic Entomology

    2-13-2020  IPM

 IPM Presentation

 What and Whys of IPM

    2-20-2020  Berry Crops

Overview and kiwi






    2-20-2020  Weed Management

Weed Management

Weed Science and Management


    2-27-2020 Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology


    2-27-2020  Plant Diagnostics

Plant Diagnostics


    3-05-2020  Home Orchards

Home Orchards


    3-05-2020  Demo Garden Presentations


    3-12-2020  Ornamental Pruning

Ornamental Pruning- 1

Ornamental Pruning- 2


    3-12-2020   Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation


    3-19-2020  Final Exam

                        Plant Clinic Orientation


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