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Plant Sale

May 16, 2020

Lincoln County Fairgrounds

633 NE 3rd St., Newport

9 am to 2 pm

Great deals on high quality plants
for coastal gardens

For the past 16 years, Lincoln County Master Gardeners have provided high quality, locally grown and nurtured plants to the public.  A wide selection of healthy tomatoes, vegetable starts, native plants, culinary herbs, annuals and perennials are available for purchase.  Master Gardeners will be on hand to make help with plant selection, provide plant care advice, and answer questions about gardening on the Oregon coast. 

Most of the plants offered at the sale are grown in Lincoln County by more than 40 Master Gardeners who donate and propagate seeds and plant cuttings well in advance.  Because our coastal air and soil are usually not warm or dry enough to plant vegetable seedlings until late May and early June, the Plant Sale is held just prior to the optimum time for putting them into the ground.  All plants are carefully chosen for our environment and customers are assured that they are adapted to the coastal climate and soil.

All proceeds from the sale help fund LCMGA educational projects: college scholarships, round table programs and the five demonstration gardens.

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