Meet our Board of Directors and Key Committee Leads

2020 Officers

Co-Presidents:                       Pam McElroy & Kristi Kind

Co-Vice Presidents:               Bill Shapiro & Pamela Yu

Secretary:                               Carita Edson

Treasurer:                               Alanna Miklic

Historian:                               Kharizma McAnulty

OMGA Representative:        Michael Christy

Past President:                      Diane Primont & Marlene Shapiro

Committee Chairs

Awards                                   Mary Jane Bonelitz & Diane Primont


Budget                                   Ron Woodard II

Newsletter/Facebook          Pami Monnette, Pgm. Coord.

Hospitality                             Chris Shaffner & Ramona Goddard

Librarian                                Kharizma McAnulty

Membership Database       Diane Primont

Nominating                           Michael Christy & Cathi Block

Plant Clinic/Help Desk         Renee Johnson, Ed. Program Assistant

Publicity                                 Renee Johnson, Ed. Program Assistant

Spring Garden Sale              Greg Kurtz & Rebecca Hooper &

                                                Cathi Block

Roundtables                          Kharizma McAnulty

Seed to Supper                     Heidi Lorenz


Website Manager                 Ann Geyer

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