Gardener's Roundtable


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Spring 2022

May 7    Get Ready for Summer Vegetables with Cathi Block, Sharon Busby, and Marlene Shapiro

               Session Recording

               Summer Vegetables

               Vegetables for Coastal Gardens

               Vegetable plant families

               Vegetable PH levels

               Vegetable Companion Charts


Mar 19  Seeding Starting with Marlene Shapiro

               Session Recording

               Presentation slides

               OSU seed starting calendar for vegetables

               Farmer's almanac seed starting calendar for annuals & perennials

Mar 5    Butterfly Gardens with Ann Geyer

               Presentation slides

               Plants for PNW Butterflies

               Maritime Plants for Butterflies-Xerces Society

               Native Thistles-Xerces Society

Feb 26  Rehab Your Apple Orchard with Ann Geyer

              No handout

Feb  5   Fruit Tree Pruning Basics with Ann Geyer

     Pruning basics from OSU extension

Spring 2021 

May  5   Growing Garlic with Cathi Block and Madeleine Drake 

     Presentation recording

     Garlic pre-soak

     Garlic scape recipes

     Garlic sources

     Garlic varieties

Apr 21   Straw Bale Gardening with Michael Christy

     Presentation recording

     Presentation slides


Apr  7   Adaptive Gardening with Pam McElroy

     Presentation recording

Mar 17  Growing Rhododendrons with Mike Bones

     Presentation recording

Mar 3   Growing Tomatoes with Marlene Shapiro, Carita Edson, & Sharon Busby

     Presentation recording

     Presentation slides

     Favorite Tomatoes List

     How to prune tomatoes


Feb 17   Native Plants with Ann Geyer

     Presentation recording (skip to 11:30 for start)

     Presentation slides

     Native plant page on website

     Native plant bloom time chart

     Native plants for soil erosion control


Feb 3   Greenhouses with Dan Barrett

    Presentation recording

Jan 20   Soil Amendments with Harry McCormick

    Presentation recording

Jan 6   Pruning Roses with Alanna Miklic

    Presentation notes

    OSU EC 1624-E Rose Care

    Presentation recording

Fall 2020 

Oct 7   The Other Garden Diggers:  Gophers, Moles, & Voles

    Presentation slides

    Presentation recording

Oct 7   Hedgerows: Living Fences with Pami Monnette

    Presentation slides

    Presentation recording

Dec 2   Making Wreaths with Kharizma McNulty

    Information Sheet

    Presentation recording

Spring 2020

Jan 25  Native Plants with Ann Geyer

    Native Plant Society of Oregon Guideline

    Native Plant Recommendations from Lincoln County Soil & Water District


Other sessions cancelled due to COVID-19 protocol.

Fall 2019

Aug 10  Drip Irrigation with Jill & Jeff Pridgeon

     Intro to drip irrigation

Aug 24  Shade Gardening with Ann Geyer

               Presentation slides

               Ann's favorite shade plants

               More plants with photos

Sep 14  Winter Vegetables with Pat Patterson

               Presentation slides

               Vegetable Families Sheet

               OSU Fact Sheet on Winter Vegetables

               Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest (EPUB)

Sep 28  Attracting Birds to the Garden with Patty Sorensen

    Presentation Slides

Oct 12  Preparing Dahlias for Winter with Julie Huynh

     Winterizing Dahlias

     Preparing Dahlias for Winter

Oct 26  Blueberries with Alan Fujishin

     Blueberry  Resource List

     OSU Extension Pub: Growing Blueberries in Your Home Garden

     Powerpoint slides

Nov 9   Holiday Floral Arranging with Kharizma McAnulty


Spring 2019

Jan 2     Heath & Heathers with Ella May Wullf

    Heather Resources

    Recommendations for winter color

    Brief discussion of heather culture

Feb 9    Landscaping Ponds & Waterways with  Janet Anderson

    Water Plant Resource List

Feb 23   Flower Arranging with Kharizma McAnulty



Mar 16   African Violets with Marlene Shapiro


Mar 23   Container Planting with Mary Jane Bonelitz   

               No handouts

Apr 13   Tomatoes with Sharon Busby

      No handouts

Apr 27    Dahlias with Julie    

      No handouts

May 11   Strawbale Gardening with Michael Christy



Fall 2018

Aug 23  Cloche Building with Cathi Block & Jeff Olsen

OSU Cloche Building Instructions

Sep 13  Ornamentals with Heather Fortner

None provided

Sep 27  Onions and Garlic with Doug Hoffman & Janice Smith

None provided

Oct 11  Dividing Clumping Plants with Cathi Block and Ann Geyer

None provided

Oct 25  Native Plants with Ann Geyer

Native Plant Society of Oregon Guideline

Native Plant Recommendations from Lincoln County Soil & Water District

Spring 2018

Jan  25, 2018  Building Healthy Soil with Harry MacCormack

None provided


Feb 8, 2018    Everything's Coming Up Roses with Katherine Johnson

Rose booklet

Rose problem list

Feb 22, 2018   Wildlife Habitat Gardening with Mary Jane Bonelitz and Nancy Resnikoff

List of resources

Powerpoint presentation

Mar 8, 2018    A Tomato By Any Other Name with Sharon Busby

Choose the right tomato for your garden

Favorite tomatoes for 2018

Care and feeding of your tomato plants

Mar 22, 2018   Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Solutions with Audrey Sweet

Stormwater calculator worksheet

Precipitation Data

Designing rainwater harvesting system

Irrigation worksheet

Efficiency worksheet

Apr  12, 2018   Adaptive Gardens with Pam McElroy

None provided

Apr  26, 2018  Herbs with Mary-Ellen Townsend

Herb mixes --Deanna Trail

Herb Teas -- Ann Geyer

May 10, 2018   Rainwater Gardens with Bruce Bennett

Resources for Rain Gardening

Rain Gardens are a Win Win

Rain Garden Plant List

OSU Rain Garden Brochure