Plant Favorites for West of the Cascades

I've only lived in Lincoln County for a short time, but already I've fallen in love with the beauty and diversity of plant life here. I've been introduced to a variety of plants I've always wanted to grow, but didn't have the right environment. I'm also encountering beautiful plants that are completely new to me. So this page is an opportunity for me to highlight the many wonderful plant options that we have in Lincoln County.  I'm starting with my personal favorites. Let me know yours and I'll include them as well. Leave comments, so I can tailor the contents to your interests.  

                                                 Ann Geyer, Lincoln County Master Gardener

Thanks to fellow Master Gardener, Heather Fortner, I have been introduced to one of those 'perfect' coastal garden plants-- Muhlenbeckia axillaris.

Muhlenbeckia is an uncommon garden plant that grows quite easily as a houseplant, in an outdoor container, or as a mat-for...

Lilium columbianum, which has freckled orange or yellow flowers hanging face down with petals curved up, is a PNW native that grows well in full sun and dry conditions. 

Lilium columbianum is a bulb growing to 2-4 ft tall. Plants can be slow to mature when first pl...

Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) is a small native tree or large shrub growing to 25-35 ft. high and 12-20 ft. wide. An excellent wildlife plant. White spring flowers yield edible, reddish-black fruit by late summer. Fruit makes tart jelly when sweetened or is good wild...

Pacific dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) is a a deciduous, and long-lived flowering tree that usually grows to heights of 20 to 30 feet in the garden.  It has a graceful structure with creamy white flowers that cover the tree in the spring time.  

In its natural for...

Who doesn't respond to the grace of grasses swaying in the wind.  If you live right on the coast, why not take advantage and plant drifts of native grass, like tufted hair grass. If you have brackish water areas, this is the grass for you.  This plant actually requires...

This plant is for those gardens that need to stand up to strong winds and salty soil and spray.  Fortunately since it is so hardy it will do well in other garden environments not quite so 'beachy.'  I have it spread in a number of places in my garden which is on the ea...

Just Gorgeous!

I first saw this plant at the Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City.  It was unusual and just gorgeous.  Ruffly dark green leaves that make an attractive evergreen clump.  Then in early summer these beautiful flower spikes appear and stay around until fall...

Growing hardy cranesbill geranium can be as easy as planting and watching it blossom when conditions are somewhat damp. Hardy geranium plants grow best in consistently moist soil when first planted, but become somewhat drought tolerant when established. Growing hardy c...

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