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Francoa Sonchifolia

Just Gorgeous!

I first saw this plant at the Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City. It was unusual and just gorgeous. Ruffly dark green leaves that make an attractive evergreen clump. Then in early summer these beautiful flower spikes appear and stay around until fall.

This plant is often used for bridal bouquets, so you know the flowers are going to be showy and attract attention. Mime is a bright orange color, but they also come in white, pink, and lilac.

This plant likes mild winters and cool summers, so understandably does well in Lincoln County. Prefers an evenly-moist, average or sandy soil with sun or part shade. I grow mine in my south facing garden, so it does get lots of sun and water only when it hasn't rained for 2 weeks. I also have soil that is more clay than anything else, so I add a bucket of compost every spring to get into the "average range." So far haven't seen any pests or other problems. Can't wait to cut my first bouquet!

I'll be experimenting propagating this plant for next year's LCMGA Annual Spring Plant Sale. Let me know if you want one so I can figure out how many to grow.

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