If drool after every variety of peony or just looking for a great gardening book with beautiful pictures and helpful growing information, this is a great book to have. The book covers the history of the peonies, the different types of peonies available, and describes almost 200 different varieties. Growing information includes details on climate, soil, light, planting, and water needs. Helpful lists detail the best peony varieties for specific needs, and a resource listing shares the best places to buy peonies and the best public gardens to see them in. ISBN-13: 9781604695205 Author: David C. Michener and Carol A. Adelman Publisher: Timber Press Publication date: 2017 Pages: 256

Practical Tips for Weed Control

Okay, so weeds will always be with us, but there are some simple tips to stay ahead of the weed race. 1. Minimize digging Weeds seeds are everywhere in garden soil, but only those in the top several inches get enough light to germinate. Digging or turning the soil, exposes these top level weed seeds. So dig only when needed and then cover the disturbed soil with plants or mulch. 2. Use lots of mulch Mulch helps to keep soil moist, cool, and eliminates the light that seeds need for germination. Organic mulches often harbor beneficial insects that eat or destroy weed seeds. Refresh mulch when needed so that there is 2-3 inches above the soil. For areas with heavy weed infestations, place

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