Master Gardeners looking for land

The Lincoln County Master Gardeners Association (LCMGA) is looking for a plot of land in the Lincoln County area to use for a dedicated educational greenhouse center. The association is seeking the donation of land and/or an optimal lease agreement with a minimum renewable five-year contract. Power and water, as well as ample parking, would be a requirement. The initial purpose of the site would be to install an educational greenhouse that would be used for master gardener training, initial planting seed and propagation and local established workshops for the general public. The greenhouse project is under the umbrella of the LCMGA nonprofit, whose mission is: “Growing, giving and teaching f

Plant Now for Bigger Onions

Get onions in the ground in spring and avoid heartbreak when it comes time to harvest big, beautiful bulbs this summer. Plant as soon as the soil is dry enough to work, said Jim Myers, a plant breeder at Oregon State University. March and April are prime times. Most onions grown in Oregon are long-day onions. They make top, green growth until a critical day length is reached, which triggers bulbing. That generally begins at about 14 hours of light per day. If you plant onions in early spring, they’ll grow to fairly large plants by the time daylight reaches 14 hours. Large bulbs result. However, if you wait to plant until the end of April when days are already 14 hours long, bulbing will begi

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