Cypripedium montanum Mountain Lady's Slipper

This beautiful native is listed as a "vulnerable" plant meaning that the population size in its native PNW area is decreasing at a rate that negatively impacts the long-term survival likelihood. The plant can be identified by its erect stem with clasping leaves. Leaves alternate, lance-shaped. Flowers 1–3, depending on age of plant, attached above leaf. Flower pouch large, white, with purple veins; petals purple, elongated, twisted; upper and lower purple sepals wider than petals and wavy. Grows in mixed conifer forests in deep humus, sometimes along roads, at low to mid- and into high elevations. This particular plant and all lady's-slippers need the association of soil fungi and should nev

Simple Plant Stand for Growing Salad Greens

Do you love the idea of eating home-grown salads from April through November? There are two types of container gardens that will enable you to produce fresh, flavorful greens close to your backdoor without the need to dig in the soil. Here are the basic steps… Build a Salad Table™ or a Salad Box™ Place it on a level and convenient spot Select crops you want to grow Fill with growing media Sow seeds Water enough to keep the growing media moist Sprinkle on the fertilizer after seedlings emerge Remove extra seedlings so that plants are 1-2 inches apart Harvest salad greens with scissors The plants will re-grow for a second cutting. Then, just remove the spent plants and sow another crop! The

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