Fragrant Herbs for the Home

Now that the weather is changing and we spend more time inside, the air in our home can get stale. In the winter months, I use fragrant herbs in potpourris, decorations, herb cushions, scented sachets, potholders, scented hangers, tea cozies, pomanders and more to freshen the air. A potpourri is a welcome addition to any room and can be made by combining lavender or rose petals, scented leaves such as lemon balm or rosemary, allspice and orris root powder as a fixative. Orris root is a vegetable fixative that smells like sweet violet;it works to absorb and hold the scents. Use 1 tablespoon per cup of ingredients, mix together in a container with a closed lid and allow about two weeks maturin

Divide plants to keep them healthy and productive

Keep plants healthy and productive Dividing is a matter of digging up plants, prying them apart with hands, spades, or knives and replanting them in new holes. Many plants form clumps as they mature. These plants start to go stagnant, lose vigor and produce fewer blooms. If left too long, the plant may stop blooming altogether. Create more plants The other reason to divide plants is to create more of them. Many landscapers recommend repeating the same plant in different areas of the landscape and division is a great way to produce those extra plants. Different plants produce varying amounts of divisions Hostas, grasses, and daylily can give 4-6 new plants from a 3-year clump; while heuch

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