Be on the Lookout for Amaranthus palmeri

Be aware that if you’ve used pollinator seed mixes to install pollinator habitat, make sure you don’t have issues with Amaranthus palmeri, a herbicide-resistant super weed that’s plaguing crop fields across the country. The only control is hand weeding. Apparently, Palmer amaranth is showing up in a large number of samples of the pollinator mixes that have been used for the USDA Conservation Reserve Program Pollinator Habitat Initiative. It’s most likely the mix has been most heavily used in agricultural areas, however, if you’re seeing weeds you’re unfamiliar with, it doesn’t hurt to check plant identity. Palmer amaranth has also made it into millet seed used for backyard bird feeders. Be a

For the Love of Garlic

Fall is approaching but don't put away your hoe and gardening gloves just yet. The best time to plant garlic is from September through November. Garlic roots develop in the fall and winter, and by early spring they can support the rapid leaf growth that is necessary to form large bulbs, said Chip Bubl, a horticulturist with Oregon State University's Extension Service. What type of garlic should you plant? Some gardeners like to grow top-setting garlic, also called hardneck. Common hardneck types include Korean, Dujanski, Siberian, Music, Chesnock Red, German Red and Spanish Roja. These varieties produce tiny bulblets at the end of a tall flowering stalk in addition to a fat underground bulb

Siskyou Bitterrroot

A rock garden favorite native to the Siskyous of Oregon and California. A succulent rosette of leaves with very showy flowers, typically pink or orange with white stripes. Likes it sunny and dry on sandy or rocky sites. It does well in containers.

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