Thanks to fellow Master Gardener, Heather Fortner, I have been introduced to one of those 'perfect' coastal garden plants-- Muhlenbeckia axillaris. Muhlenbeckia is an uncommon garden plant that grows quite easily as a houseplant, in an outdoor container, or as a mat-forming ground cover. I'm always looking for interesting ground covers for my own garden. Why spend the time and effort spreading mulch every season, when a beautiful, dense, evergreen plant will do most of the same job. Muhlenbeckia originates from Australia and New Zealand. The small, dark-green leaves and reddish or brownish stems remain attractive through the winter, and the tiny white flowers appear in late spring. Even thou

Gardening in the Shade

Practical information on gardening in shady areas including the right plants for areas of partial and deep shade. Information on planning flower and foliage combinations, planting under trees or in containers. Includes suggestions for seasonal plants. ISBN-13: 0-7894-4154-3 Author: Linda Hawthorne Publisher: American Horticultural Society Publication date: 1999 Pages: 72


While the common snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus) may not be the most beautiful or best behaved shrub in the garden, it has features that keep it interesting throughout most of the year. The shrub blooms in spring, with small but dense clusters of bell-shaped, white flowers at the ends of the branches. In fall, the flowers are replaced by clusters of white berries. The berries are the showiest feature of the shrub and last well into winter. Where to Plant Snowberry Bushes Plant snowberries in full sun or partial shade. The shrubs are found naturally along stream banks and in swampy thickets, but they thrive in dry areas as well. They tolerate a wide range of soil types, and while they prefer

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