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Simple Plant Stand for Growing Salad Greens

Do you love the idea of eating home-grown salads from April through November? There are two types of container gardens that will enable you to produce fresh, flavorful greens close to your backdoor without the need to dig in the soil.

Here are the basic steps…

  1. Build a Salad Table™ or a Salad Box™

  2. Place it on a level and convenient spot

  3. Select crops you want to grow

  4. Fill with growing media

  5. Sow seeds

  6. Water enough to keep the growing media moist

  7. Sprinkle on the fertilizer after seedlings emerge

  8. Remove extra seedlings so that plants are 1-2 inches apart

  9. Harvest salad greens with scissors

  10. The plants will re-grow for a second cutting. Then, just remove the spent plants and sow another crop!

The University of Maryland Salad Table™ is essentially a shallow wooden frame with a large surface area and a mesh bottom that allows water to drain. You can attach legs of any length you desire or set it on saw horses or other supports. It is portable, versatile, easy and inexpensive to build, and terrific for gardeners of all ages, sizes, and abilities. The Salad Table™ can be moved to capture sunlight in spring and fall and avoid the sun and high heat of summer. Best of all, you can garden comfortably at waist level and avoid problems with rabbits and groundhogs.

The University of Maryland Salad Box™ is the baby version of the Salad

Table™ and works especially well for kids and folks with small spaces.

Gardener with productive in-ground vegetable gardens can use the Salad Table™ to grow fresh greens and herbs close to their back door or grow transplants for the garden.

Salad Table™ dimensions

  • The table is made up of a frame that is 58 in. long X 33 in. wide X 3 ½ in. high and is divided into three sections. The frame is supported by four legs and stands 36 in. tall from the ground to the top of the frame. Dimensions and leg heights can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs.

  • The frame has 11.1 sq. ft. total surface area for growing salad greens with a volume of 2.8 cu. ft. (21.8 gal.)

Salad Box™ dimensions

  • The box is 21 in. long X 15 in. wide X 3 ½ in. high, has 2.0 sq. ft. of growing area with a volume of 0.5 cu. ft. (3.75 gal.).

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