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Master Gardeners looking for land

The Lincoln County Master Gardeners Association (LCMGA) is looking for a plot of land in the Lincoln County area to use for a dedicated educational greenhouse center. The association is seeking the donation of land and/or an optimal lease agreement with a minimum renewable five-year contract. Power and water, as well as ample parking, would be a requirement.

The initial purpose of the site would be to install an educational greenhouse that would be used for master gardener training, initial planting seed and propagation and local established workshops for the general public.

The greenhouse project is under the umbrella of the LCMGA nonprofit, whose mission is: “Growing, giving and teaching for a healthier and greener community.” The vision of the greenhouse project is to broaden this mission of growing healthful produce for the underserved of the community.

The master gardeners also provide work-based learning opportunities in greenhouse and garden settings that promote wellness and career opportunities for local students and other community youths and adults.

Anyone interested in providing land for this project can contact Cathi Block at or 541-867-7167.

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