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Beautiful Black Chokecherry

Black Chokeberry is one of my favorite backyard native plants. Shrubs grow 3-4 feet high and wide. They may sucker somewhat. In May, bushes are covered with lovely white flowers. The fall foliage is spectacular in shades of purple and red (especially the cultivar ‘Autumn Magic’). Plant in sun to part shade. This shrub is very adaptable to different soil types. My shrubs are planted in clay soil that gets soggy during the seasonal rains. These are wonderful three-season, low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly, inexpensive and easily-propagated shrubs.

Chokeberries are among the “super-berries” that have extremely high antioxidant properties. They are also full of Vitamin C. They are a bit tart but are great mixed with sweeter fruit. Use the berries to make black chokeberry jam, juice, tea, muffins, smoothies, cookies, or even wine.

Birds, especially robins, will thank you for planting these shrubs. You can often see mobs of robins gorging on the fruit in October.

So go ahead and try a black chokecherry.


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