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Fragaria chiloensis


Coastal Strawberry is a vigorous, spreading evergreen groundcover with dark, glossy green leaves and long red runners sending down new roots.  It has showy white flowers, striking red stems, lightly toothed tri-fold leaves, and large red fruit (compared to the Woodland Strawberry).  This low-growing berry is perfect for filling empty landscapes spaces with color and interest all year long, but different than the Woodland Strawberry, it doesn’t tolerate shade very well.  Plant alongside other sun-loving groundcovers like Oregon Stonecrop, Early Blue Violet, and Silverweed Cinquefoil, or underneath deciduous berries like Golden Currant.


  • Light Requirements: Full Sun 
  • Soil Type: Any, Well-drained
  • Water Requirements: Drought tolerant, prefers moist.
  • Pollination: Needs another to produce seed
  • Bearing Age: 2 yrs from seed, one from runners
  • Size at Maturity: 1 foot
  • Plant Spacing: 1 foot
  • Bloom Time: Spring-Summer
  • Harvest Time: Spring-Summer

Coastal Strawberry

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