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Evergreen shrub

Evergreen huckleberry is an especially attractive and adaptable native shrub.  It provides beautiful color variations throughout the year, with deep wine-red new shoots contrasting with the rest of the dark, glossy green foliage and pale pink flowers in the spring, berries that change from red to dark purple in the summer, and lush green foliage throughout the fall and winter. Can be grown as a hedge.


One of evergreen huckleberry’s most interesting characteristics is its dual nature under different light conditions. While it is most at home as an understory shrub, it can also tolerate sun.  Somewhat paradoxically, the more sun it gets, the smaller it will be: evergreen huckleberries can grow to twelve feet or more under dense canopy, but only reach about five feet in full sun.  Its foliage color is also affected by sunlight: an evergreen huckleberry in full sun develops a reddish-purple color that, paired with its small stature, makes it a great accent shrub for sunny front yards.


The berries, while very small, are full of flavor, with a fresh, tart sweetness that makes the trouble of harvesting them well worth it.

Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum)

  • Height: 6 ft.

    Availability: High

    Growing ease: Medium

    Moisture: dry - moist

    Exposure: part shade - shade

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