Fall Rountable Series

The Fall Roundtable Series addresses a number of new topics of interest to many coastal gardeners.  Each session will be held at the OSU Extension Office from 10-noon.


Oct 22  Dig and Divide

After a few years in the garden, bulbs and certain perennials may start to produce smaller blooms, develop a 'bald spot' at the center of their crown, or require staking to prevent their stems from falling over. All of these signs indicate it is time to divide. This session will teach you how to properly divide and replant.  We'll have clumps of plants to practice on--or bring a clump of your own.  Attendees get to take home divided plants. 



Nov 5 Ornamental Pruning

Learn the basics of pruning your ornamental shrubs. This session is taught by a Certified Master Pruner and will use the techniques developed by Cass Turnbull.  



Nov 12  The Mystique of Herbs and Their Many Uses

Herbs delight all of our senses. They add flavor to food and aroma to our environment.  This session will show you how to capture the most from your herbs and introduce you to some of the fascinating lore surrounding them. This is an in-person session.



Nov 19  Rainwater Catchment Methods

Many coastal gardeners are interested in taking advantage of rainwater as a source of summer water.  This session will cover several simple approaches and provide real-life examples of how a large garden is watered using only captured rainwater. This is an online session.



Dec 3  Gardening in Sandy Soil

Learn the ins and outs of gardening in sandy soil. You can have a beautiful garden and grow vegetables if you follow a few simple tips and, of course, choose the right plants. This session will give you the ABCs of sandy soil gardening.  This is an online session.


Dec 10 Ornamental Pruning-online session

This session repeats the material presented in the Nov 5 in person roundtable.   


2023 Master Gardener Class 

Every year we invite interested gardeners to join our Master Gardener program.  The first step is to take the 10 week training class.  If you have an interest in learning why things work and how to make gardening easier and better, this is the class for you.  


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