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Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) is a popular PNW native shrub. It provides a beautiful display of white flower clusters in the spring, gives tasty berries in the summer, and then breaks out in gorgeou fall color.

It's easy to grown. It can be a focal point plant, giving wonderful 4 season displays, but will also fit nicely into a shrub border or hedgerow. The berries attract many types of birds and the flowers give nectar for butterflies.

Plant serviceberry in an open, sunny or partially sunny location with a healthy dose of compost and supplemental summer water for the first year or two. Serviceberries are slow to moderate growers, but once established are trouble free and quite drought-tolerant.

You can let the birds eat the berries or harvest them for making pies, jams and jellies. The berries can be dried and used like raisins.


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