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Botanical Sketchbooks

​​The collection of sketches is quite beautiful. The book contains 75 illustrations of flora from around the world, dating from the 15th to 20th century. There are examples from Leonardo da Vinci, John Muir, the Shelley sisters, and many others. The Sketchbook is divided into four sections, from “Made on Location” to “Doing Science,” Botanical Sketchbooks offers brief biographies of over 80 illustrators along with examples of their work, photographed so you can see the weathered pages or scraps of paper on which the specimens were depicted. It is a truly delightful book for artists and plant lovers alike. The reproductions are crisp and clear - and there are lots of them!



8.12 × 10.5 IN (20.6 × 26.7 CM) HARDCOVER 288 PAGES 250 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS PUBLICATION DATE: 05/09/2017 ISBN: 9781616895884

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